Day: September 29, 2016

Volume 9 | Issue 3 (July to September 2016)

Disparities in Diabetic Care Vasudevan S Posted in Editorial, Vol IX | Issue 3 2016 | Comments Off on Disparities in Diabetic Care IMA Citizens’ Health Charter: A Road Map to Kerala Health in 2025 V Mohanan Nair, Althaf A, Benny PV, Muhammed Shaffi, S Vasudevan, K Rajamohanan Pillai, VP Paily, Sreejith N Kumar, SS Lal, Muhammed Asheel, Sandeep K, Zuhail Sainudeen, Santhosh Kumar GR, Asha KP, Mini SS, Libu GK Posted in Commentary, Vol IX | Issue 3 2016 | Tagged Citizen’s Charter, Indian Medical Association, Kerala, Right to Health | Comments Off on IMA Citizens’ Health Charter:...

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