Past-PresidentThe new issue of IMA Kerala Medical Journal is the culmination of a deep yearning to improve our academic publication to international
standards, lots of discussions and hard work to execute the difficult task of upgrading the journal to a modern publishing platform based, with online submission process, peer review and strong online presence. The Kerala State Branch has given strong support to realise this dream.

The present scenario in the state is full of instances where scientifically false information is being publicised and unscientific treatment protocols are gaining popularity. The recent instances of Diphtheria death in Malappuram district show how the state which had achieved developed country health indices way back is slowly slipping backwards due to unscientific campaigns. The unscientific basis of homeopathy based protocols has been highlighted by major western journals repeatedly. In our state this also needs to be fought. IMA has been in the fore front to counter all these problems. All this needs effective dissemination of contemporary scientific information. Here the role of IMA Kerala Medical Journal is crucial. We hope KMJ becomes more strong and effective in carrying out its declared objectives.

Dr Sreejith N Kumar
President IMA Kerala State Branch