Dr. C John Panicker


Dr. S Vasudevan

This issue of Kerala Medical Journal is the result of lots of planning, hard work and group effort. The journal has a long publishing history and has been bringing out issues uninterruptedly since 2008. The quality of articles and the stature of contributing authors have been exceptional. Many of the articles are of excellent quality and the authors with a track record of international journal publications. But the journal lacked a modern publishing platform, online submission portal, peer reviewing system, a strong peer review board and strong online presence. Our online presence needed to be strengthened. The present editorial team of Dr John Panicker, Editor and Dr S Vasudevan, Secretary and Associate Editor has tried to set this right.

After a series of discussions the IMA State President Dr Sreejith N Kumar, himself a past Editor of KMJ, and State Secretary and incoming President Dr A V Jayakrishnan, also the past Secretary of KMJ, have empowered the editorial team to go ahead with the much needed changes. We have Dr Althaf Ali, Associate Professor of Community Medicine, Medical College Trivandrum and Dr Muhammed Shaffi, Assistant Professor and Registrar, Global Institute of Public Health, Ananthapuri Hospitals, Trivandrum and Convenor of IMA Research Cell to help us. We have entered into an agreement with Studio Medica, for the article processing, publishing and indexing of Kerala Medical Journal. We have utilised the excellent archives of 7 years and upgraded all the articles to submit for indexing. The online platform is ready and articles have already been submitted through this. We have given utmost care to get all specialty articles and constituted a wider editorial peer review team. The full indexing procedure including international indexing will take some more time. We will be working towards that aim constantly. We urge all members to utilise the online reading option and offer suggestions.

This upgraded peer reviewed indexed journal is the need of the hour and is sure to be supported by our academically inclined members and young postgraduate members. Our task is not yet complete. The first issue is being presented with pride and lots of expectations.

Dr. C John Panicker (Editor Secretary)
Dr. S Vasudevan (Associate Editor)